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June 24, 2014

Van Gogh's ear 3D printed


Below, excerpts from a 3dprint.com story.


An American-based artist, Diemut Strebe, has teamed with scientists to produce what may be one of the craziest pieces of art we have ever seen. Strebe has 3D printed the severed ear of painter Vincent van Gogh (top). This ear was actually printed using real living human cells from Lieuwe van Gogh, the famous painter’s great-grandson, who shares 1/16th of the same genes as the 19th century icon.

"I use science basically like a type of brush, like Vincent used paint," stated Diemut Strebe, the piece's creator.

The famous ear was chopped off by van Gogh himself and delivered to a brothel where he was a regular. This took place in 1888, two years prior to his death in 1890.

Using a sophisticated 3D bioprinter and computer software, Strebe was able to actually print the cells in a shape that resembles the painter’s actual ear. Once the cells were printed, the ear was grown at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Believe it or not, the ear is technically alive as it is made out of living human cells which have been formed into cartilage.

The ear will be on display on the ground floor of the ZKM Media Museum in Germany until July 6th of this year.


[via Richard Kashdan]

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