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June 1, 2014

Virtue Pillow


From the website:



The Virtue Pillow is a knitted pillow covered with Icelandic virtues which are: jákvœðni (positivity), þolinmœði (patience), hreinskilni (honesty), Trú (faith), heilsa (health), heiðarleiki (integrity), fjölskyldu- og vinabönd (family and friendship).


The Virtue Pillow is simply a reminder of the things that matter in life, while being a warm companion to snuggle up against in your sofa alone or with your loved ones.


The Virtue Pillow is knitted from undyed Icelandic wool.


The Virtue Pillow is a continuation of the Virtue Blanket designed and manufactured by product designer Marý.


Black, Grey, or Brown.


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