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July 1, 2014

Gripster Nut Starter — "Never drop small machine nuts again"



Below, excerpts from Dug [sic] North's Cool Tools review of something I never knew existed before I read about there.


If you've ever tried to apply rotational force to a small part held with tweezers, then you've probably also spent time on the floor looking for that part.

Get off the floor and buy the Gripster Nut Starter.

It does a fine job of holding small nuts so they can be threaded on to parts and into hard-to-reach spots.

Pushing a plunger on the back end causes four spring steel fingers at the front end to extend and spread.

When pressure on the plunger is released, an internal spring causes the fingers to pull in and close, allowing you to hold small objects.

I've found it's also great for starting wood and machines screws, as well as for threading tiny washers.

It's particularly useful for fishing through containers of small assorted parts and grabbing just the right one.

Congratulations, your fingers just got smaller.


Below, the description of the device on its seller's website.


The Gripster Nutstarter has micro spring fingers that grab the outside of the nut.

Works on miniature sizes #00 through #10.

Releases by pressing trigger on back end.

4-1/2 inches long.



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