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August 6, 2014

Panda Ultra WiFi 150Mbps Wireless N 2.4Ghz Adapter


Reviewed by Michael Orr in Cool Tools as follows:


Why would you need a WiFi adapter for your laptop, when one is built in? Well, the built-in one might be broken, or only support an older standard.

But this tool is really cool not when used as an adapter — but when used as an access point.

Hotels (more expensive ones do this more frequently than inexpensive hotels) nickel-and-dime you on WiFi connectivity. One of the ways they do this is by selling you connectivity to ONE device.

ONE?! I'd bet most hotel guests have at least a smartphone, in addition to their laptop, and possibly tablets, e-readers, WiFi-equipped cameras, etc.

Enter this little tool.

You install it in your laptop (I use it in a Windows 7/64 bit laptop, but other Windows versions, as well as Mac and many Linux versions are supported) and it takes the incoming WiFi from the hotel and re-transmits it as an access point, to which you (and your family or buddies) can connect.

It is small enough to simply throw in your kit and carry all the time (though so small you may easily lose it in your gear pack) and cheap enough to be a no-brainer purchase for any frequent traveler.



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