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August 9, 2014

"Without further action, nuclear power could vanish in 50 years"


From Vox: "The chart above shows how long the world's existing reactors are likely to last in the decades ahead. By 2059, most of them are likely to be retired. That means, unless the world goes on a frenzy of new construction, nuclear power will nearly vanish by mid-century."

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I hope fission, or hybrid breeder reactors, are relegated to the academics and fusion becomes both readily available and safe.

At present, no nuclear power facility in the US:
1. Can be financed with private capital; and,
2. Can be insured by any private insurance company; and,
3. Can dispose of its waste.

We still have no place to put spent fuel (and, store it safely for a period of time four orders of magnitude greater than the amount of time since man became self-aware (though a substantial minority of well educated humans argue that we have not yet achieved self-awareness.)).

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