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March 13, 2017

Project Valerie: 3 x 17.3" 4K-screen gaming laptop

From Gizmodo:


Having played with Razer's new concept device, Project Valerie, I've got to say I'm down with having a laptop that's thick as a brick so long as it has three 17.3-inch monitors built in — that's a lot of pixels.

When closed, the Project Valerie prototype looks like a super beefy Razer Blade Pro, and it has the guts to match, including a Nvidia 1080 graphics card and an Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Once the laptop opens up, Razer is hoping for a full-on transformer moment, what with two 4K displays automatically folding out from the primary 4K display like wings emerging from a Harrier jet.

Project Valerie still exists purely in the realm of concept.

In a closed door briefing, Razer let Gizmodo try two separate units, and they're very cool.

The 1080 graphics card had no problems powering all three 4K monitors at once while I played "Battlefield 1," though the fans spun the entire time and the laptop got hot enough that I probably could have cooked an egg on it.

Only the lack of a working mechanism to automatically extend the monitors, and the fact that it's still a concept — with no defined date of release or price tag — diminishes enthusiasm.

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