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December 7, 2017

Events by Country: Who Knew the U.S. was par-TAY Central?


From ChartsBin:


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"Paris' favorite cheese is Brie, but France's favorite cheese is Comté"


So opens a recent Tomato Kumato post.

Say what?

Tomato Kumato is the blog-website of Emily — not Emiglia — who writes, "I was born and raised in New York City. My father's family is from Italy (Sicilia and Napoli), and my mother's family is a mix of German (Prussian), Irish, and Portuguese.


It's great on several levels: wonderful photographs of things Parisian focusing on food; interesting writing with in-depth articles about a wide variety of places and things, laid out in a visually appealing manner; clear, straightforward recipes.



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Galilee Table — Ini Archibong


From The Economist: "Ini Archibong, an American designer, plays with the liquid look of blown glass. His Galilee and Orion tables consist of marble tops supported by glass legs like columns of water."


Apply within.

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