December 15, 2017

Take a ride aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft as it dives beneath the clouds of Jupiter

Utterly fantastic.

Pro tip: go full screen.

Back story here.

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What's Your Superhero Name?


Mine's Green Remote.

What's yours?

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"Stuck on Ewe" Sheep Push Pin Holder




75 for 



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December 14, 2017

Elizabeth Taylor on "What's My Line" — November 14, 1954

She was 22 years old.

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Pule is the world's most expensive cheese — it's made from Balkan donkey milk


Ever try to milk a donkey?

nuf sed*

From Atlas Obscura:


The most expensive cheese in the world comes from Balkan donkeys. In 2016, a pound of pule cost as much as $1,700.

It's not that the cheese possesses highly unusual qualities: it's white with a crumbly texture and a flavor like strong manchego. No expensive ingredients are added during the cheesemaking process. The donkeys milked for the cheese aren't wild, either. They're domesticated and live on a farm in a Serbian natural reserve called Zasavica.

But, donkey milk is exceptionally rare and difficult to produce. A jenny (female donkey) produces only about 1.5–2 liters of milk per day, compared to one cow which can produce up to 60 liters. Donkey milk also contains significantly fewer solids than cow milk, meaning far more milk is needed to make the equivalent amount of hard cheese. 

Costs of labor also influence pule's sales price. Donkey milking — which occurs three times per day — must be done by hand, as no milking machinery exists to accommodate such a small, specialized industry.

Despite pule's rarity and hefty price tag, its milk base is shockingly similar in nutritional makeup to a milk that millions have sampled free of charge: human breast milk.

It's very difficult to purchase pule, but you might get some if you visit the Zasavica Natural Reserve.


* my rap name

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Shark Attack Mug




Holds 12 ounces.



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December 13, 2017

Beautiful chemistry, viewed at high speed

Back story here.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: very expensive.

A third: edible.

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New boots from Hermès


Apply within.

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December 12, 2017

Macaw featherwork tabard from the Nazca/Huari transitional period, 700-1100 AD


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The easiest and hardest languages for a native English speaker


[via Open Culture]

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Have a New York City 212 area code no matter where you live


Apply within.

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December 11, 2017

"Elizabeth Gerhard With Hat" — August Macke


Oil on canvas, 1909.

Below, a 1908 photo of the couple.


Macke married Gerhard in 1910.

More on the artist here.

The painting is in the collection of the Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte in Munster, Germany.

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"Never buy another bad running shoe"


That's the promise of RunRepeat, where "134,867 runners have reviewed, ranked, and compared over 1,000 running shoes."

From the website:


RunRepeat is run by geeks.

One of us ran around the world, another ran a marathon in 2:30, and a third was a 1500m Olympic games participant.

For each shoe, we spend 15-30 hours to research technologies, upgrades, read user and expert reviews, and run in the shoes ourselves.

To stay unbiased, we never include our personal opinion.

To make things simple, each running shoe gets a score from 0-100 called the RunScore.

The higher the score, the better the reviews.

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Black Truffle Potato Chips


It took about one yoctosecond for me to order these after they appeared on my screen.

Who ever heard of such a thing?

From Deep River, which makes my all-time fave chipAged Cheddar Horseradish.

24 1.5-ounce bags of the Black Truffle iteration cost $33.87.

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