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August 30, 2004

The best soy sauce available in the U.S.


It's Eden Selected Shoyu Soy Sauce, imported from Japan.

$4.74 for a 20 oz. bottle here, or you can try Whole Foods or your local Crunchy Granola Birkenstock/Earth Shoes-Worn-Here yoga-boga food store.

It's not just my opinion re: the quality of this sauce: Cook's Illustrated magazine, the only unbiased ratings source for things food-related (they don't accept advertising), said so.

For its January-February 2000 issue, Cook's had 15 tasters evaluate a dozen brands of soy sauce.

The sauces were first given a dipping test, served with plain rice and tofu.

Second, they were stir-fried with chicken and a small amount of sugar, garlic, and ginger.

The singular soy, the only one of the 12 to achieve Cook's coveted "Highly Recommended" rating, was Eden Selected Shoyu, for its "toasty, caramel-y, and complex balance of flavors.

Eden is made in Japan, where it is brewed indoors in cedar vats for three years.

Kikkoman, the one you probably use,


was rated "Recommended - with reservations."

Wrote Cook's about soy sauce:

"In a dipping sauce it can provide a quick, bright flavor that dances off the food it touches. In a braise, its presence might be more surreptitious, an underbelly of flavor nuances.

When it is good, the flavor of soy sauce should resonate the way sound does from a gong struck by a padded hammer."

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