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August 29, 2004

The Mnemosyne Foundation


The current New Yorker magazine - the one with the drawing of Dick Cheney on the cover,


having his blood pressure taken with a sphygmomanometer [oh, is that what it's called? Thanks for finally showing me how to spell it... but I digress] whose scale reads "Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low" - features one of those little one-inch high, one-column ads for something called "The Mnemosyne Foundation."

The ad reads:


image-rich essays, articles, and ebooks

access gratis / audio enhanced

Sounded pretty interesting, so I had a look.

Turns out it's simply a one-woman (Virginia Anne Bonito, Ph.D.) operation that's not much more than a tribute to Dr. Bonito's late mother, who died in the recent past.

That little ad cost $2,500.

I must say, when I decide to advertise bookofjoe, it won't be in the New Yorker for $2,500 a pop for one week's exposure.

No, I've already got my first advertising venue picked out.

It's Giant Robot magazine,


which for a mere $300 will give me a whole quarter page, and then the magazine, being a quarterly, keeps me out there, as it were, for three months.

You say, what's Giant Robot?


I say, check it out.

It's where the New Yorker will be, meme and culture-wise, in a year or two.

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