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September 25, 2004

Apple G5 laptop - who will create the very first one?


Sure, you can be like me and wait patiently till next year's unveiling of the G5 Powerbook.


But there are wonderfully inventive, creative minds at work in their garages and basements this very second, all over the world, feverishly trying to combine the latest iMac - a steal, really, at $1,299 for a 17" screen running on a G5 at 1.6 GHz - with a keyboard that attaches and a stand that keeps the behemoth (the iMac weighs 18.5 pounds, including the stand/base, which must itself weigh at least two pounds to keep the thing from moving/tipping) upright and usable.


Expect instant fame via the internet, on engadget and Gizmodo and a million other sites, for whoever's first.

What fun!


Except, perhaps, in Cupertino, where Steve Jobs and his minions will no doubt sic their legal team on the inventor lo mas pronto possible.

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