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September 25, 2004

'I can feel what is going on in a piece of electronic equipment.'


Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer, in the first scene of a new documentary, "Moog."

He describes the process of invention as opening his mind to let the ideas come through from above.

Strenuous, organized thinking, he says, has little to do with it.

Later in the film he suggests that all matter is just energy and that therefore all material things can respond to vibrations of energy.

New York Times movie reviewer Stephen Holden writes, "The next step, which he doesn't take, would be to insist that humans and machines really do communicate and affect each other's behavior, although he stops just short of making that blanket assertion."

Well, I'll make it for him.

If humans can move a computer cursor with only their thoughts, unconnected by hardware - and this was done last year - then there is certainly energy being directed by the brain.

And a computer is a machine.

So Moog's thinking is right on the money.

And in regard to his thoughts on matter and energy being the same thing, hey, I thought Einstein made quite a strong case for that with this equation early last century:


With it, Einstein showed the absolute equivalence and interchangeability of matter and energy.

And if you still had doubts, well, the Manhattan Project clearly demonstrated he was right.

I think movie reviewer Stephen Holden needs to read his own paper's superb Tuesday Science section and perhaps ask for a mini-tutorial with Dennis Overbye and Kenneth Chang.

They'll sort him out in hurry.

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