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September 1, 2004

Sushi specs


A German company has invented a pair of glasses that come apart to double as chopsticks.

Ralph Anderl, who runs the Berlin-based company Ic!Berlin, designed them.

He says he came up with the idea after noticing that eating on the go was becoming increasingly popular.

The "sushi specs" have detachable arms that can be used to eat traditional Japanese food.

Those who aren't adept at using chopsticks can have forks attached as an alternative.

"The idea came from the common need for cutlery at any time. Nowadays people don't have time to stop and eat lunch in a restaurant, they want to eat while they're walking to their next job," said Anderl.

The spectacles can be made into prescription glasses for the far or near-sighted, or turned into sunglasses for those who want to eat outside.

"The glasses have been a particular hit in Japan," said Anderl.

The frames of the glasses are made from lightweight stainless steel and fit together without the use of screws.

Unfortunately, once the arms have been removed the glasses cannot be worn until the chopsticks have been reattached - making eating for the visually impaired a little tricky.

But that hasn't stopped the sushi specs, which cost $325 a pair, from flying off the shelves across the globe.

"We sell hundreds of frames across Europe, the U.S. and Japan every day," Anderl said.

I like the concept, but stainless steel chopsticks?

Doesn't sound like the greatest mouth feel.

Maybe better for a Terminator or I, Robot type.

[via Ananova]

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Lame as hell...

Posted by: L. Niles | Sep 7, 2006 7:13:11 PM

These are the best frames ever!!! Not only are they stylish but they are also indestructible. I've sat on these frames (husband put glasses on chair and I sat on them) and was able to put them back together in about a minute.

Posted by: ll | Sep 4, 2005 5:46:56 PM

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