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September 20, 2004

The past recaptured: bookofjoe archives - after a fashion


I've received countless emails bemoaning the fact that I erased bookofjoe Version 1.0's archives.

Well, as is true of anything internet-related: not quite.

My original blog - words only - started on April 6, 2003 at livejournal.com.


I left that site intact, so anyone who wants to access anything written prior to January 5, 2004 - the date I moved here, impedimentum impedimenti - don't tell me you've already forgotten your high school Latin? Oh, all right: "bag and baggage" - can just click here, and go from there.

All the entries at livejournal.com from January 5 forward are simply directional signals here.

Second, though the actual Version 1.0 pages are gone, Google's cache function preserves them - absent the pictures.

For example, I just put bookofjoe BehindTheMedspeak into the Google search engine, and tons of things came up.

Scrolling down, I found one on ADHD, so I clicked on the cache link (it's on the bottom line of each Google hit, toward the right) and voila, there's the January 22, 2004 post.

Finally, I've been cross-publishing many of my blog posts since September, 2003 at Blogcritics.org.


As I type this, I count 536, all stored in the Blogcritics archives and accessible by simply clicking here.

So, you see, all is not lost.

I guess if you really decide to take a long look back, I'll be forced to conclude you're "in recovery."

That's OK.

Thomas Mann wrote, "Life is like a hospital, in which each patient believes he will recover if only he is moved to a different bed."

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