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September 10, 2004

Why is bookofjoe published on such a weird schedule?


I mean, posts appear 8 times a day, at:

12:01 am
3:01 am
6:01 am
9:01 am
12:01 pm
3:01 pm
6:01 pm
9:01 pm

Who's up at 3:01 am?

Not me, that's for sure.

Judging by my reader statistics, not many of you, either.

Same goes for 6:01 am.

So why not go back to the old version 1.0 schedule, which also featured 8 posts a day, at:

3:01 am
7:01 am
10:01 am
12:01 pm
2:01 pm
4:01 pm
7:01 pm
10:01 pm

As you can see, the old schedule corrresponded to the waking, working hours of the largest proportion of my readers, on a geographical basis: those would be denizens of the U.S. Eastern time zone.

You comprise, overall, from 30%-45% of my visitors at any given moment.

Both the late Version 1.0 and the current Version 2.0 number about 20% of their visitors from outside the United States, with the highest numbers from Scandinavia and the Far East.

And what's up with the crazy ":01" for posting times, anyhow?

The reason is that back when I was just getting started, things were always getting messed up when I used 12:00 pm and 12:00 am, especially regarding archives and what have you, so pre-emptively I started doing it the current way. But I digress.

To answer the question heading this post: the old schedule meant that there were two long periods - one five hours, one four - between new posts.

It became clear to me that there are those individuals who, for whatever reason, live from post to post here, and whose progress through some pretty tough days and times is made just a little easier by knowing, to paraphrase Little Orphan Annie, "You're only less than three hours away" from a new, fresh post.


So, for you dear souls, this post's for you.

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