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October 16, 2004

BPL [Broadband over Power Lines] is here


So why am I not excited by this new technology?

After years of lobbying by the electric power industry, the F.C.C. approved it this past Thursday.

Who wouldn't want technology which lets you plug a modem into any electrical outlet in your house and have high-speed internet,


without having to do anything else?

Me, that's who.

Because WiMax makes it instantly obsolete, is why.

What's WiMax?

It's WiFi on steroids; WiMax signals travel miles instead of feet.

Relatively few WiMax base stations provide super-fast internet


(speeds 50-100 faster than most current high-speed connections) over large areas with


no electrical outlets, no modems to plug in, no wires, no nothing, as long as your computer has a WiMax card.

Trust me, it will.

And if you can't trust me, who can you trust?

After all - I'm your doctor.

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