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October 13, 2004

Cellphone privacy screen


I just read about this clever device in the October Wired magazine.

It's a lenticular plastic sticker you put on your cellphone screen.

When you look at it directly, you see right through it.

When anyone else tries to catch a glimpse from the side, they see some predetermined superimposed image.

I suppose we'll be seeing these in a year or two.

In Japan, the unbelievable sardine-like packing of people in trains and buses means there are always eyes everywhere.

I remember back when I was in Tokyo in college: I was fascinated by the subway "pushers" - white-gloved, uniformed men whose job was to cram a couple extra riders into already-jammed train cars before departure.

Inhale, please.

I can't even imagine how much denser and more crowded things have gotten there since.

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I am currently an OYR at ICU myself, and I have one of these stickers on my cellphone - they're quite clever. They're perfectly removable if you decide you don't want it anymore, or it gets damaged, etc. They don't have normal adhesive on them, so there's no residue problems at all. The price is a little high at around 600 yen for a little piece of plastic, but it's buying an awful lot of privacy.

Posted by: Sara | Oct 14, 2004 6:12:16 AM

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