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October 16, 2004

Denver Research Group: 'Google with Judgment'


So wrote David Ignatius in his Op-Ed piece in the October 5 Washington Post.

His subject was the Denver Research Group, a consulting company with a huge database that monitors more than 7,000 sources on a constant, real-time basis, then predicts what political trends will surface world-wide in the next several weeks.

The company sells its results for exorbitant amounts of money to many Fortune 500 companies, and tries to keep a low profile.


What I see here is another version of Faith Popcorn's pseudo-scientific BrainReserve.

William Gibson showed, in his latest - and I think most readable and best - novel, "Pattern Recognition," that it's much cheaper to pay one person to do this kind of future forecasting stuff.

His story centers around one Cayce Pollard, "coolhunter extraordinaire."

I've believed since college that by the time something appears on the cover of Business Week, Fortune, Time, or Newsweek, heralded as the "next big thing," the smart money has already been there and left quietly with huge profits, leaving a few crumbs behind for us, "the great unwashed."

So I have an even better offer for you: save your money and read bookofjoe.

It's so far ahead of the curve, I've already done a full 360º and am barking up my own butt.


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