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October 11, 2004

Does he have a brother named 'Ah?'


I've always wondered.

Or maybe it's his middle name.

For a long time, I thought he wasn't a real person, but it appears I was wrong.

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Women are actually having surgery to remove their smallest toe to fit into these shoes. What a sad state of our society when human beings willingly disfigure themselves to fit intoa shoe or garment for the sake of 'fashion'. Jimmy Choo isn't someone to be followed, he continues to design these shoes knowing fully well what women are doing to their bodies; he doesn't care. Money is more important to him than human beings, even human beings who are insecure enough to do these things to themselves to fit into a so called fashionable society. Jimmy Choo isn't a good person.

Posted by: Not a Fan of Jimmy Choo | Oct 11, 2004 1:16:25 PM

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