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October 10, 2004

Johnny Texaco - or why it's good to be small on the internet


Who knows how I happened on his Belgian site, which is written, for the most part, in Dutch.

I like what he's done with the Texaco logo, adapting it for his own use: quite stylish, what?

Good thing Texaco's lawyers haven't bumped into it: a "cease and desist" letter would disgorge itself from the corporate innards posthaste.

Nice slogan, too.

FunFact: Belgium is divided into four language areas by government fiat: Dutch up north, French in the South, German in the far East, and both French and Dutch in Brussels.

No, they don't speak Belgian. Nor Flemish.


I don't think there is such a language. Is there?

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When you would ask the people from the Netherlands, we the Flemish Belgians, speak "Flemish" or "Belgian". It is like an Enlish guy saying to someone from the states that he speaks American. In the old neighbourhoods of bruxelles, there is also a local dialect, which is a mixture of Dutch and French.

Posted by: Pietel | Jan 5, 2005 5:57:14 AM

In fact. At school we learn all three languages (dutch, french, german) ánd English of course.

Altough I have say: language in belgium is more then a fun fact. It's a big issue in our belgian political microkosmos. Language is also the main reason why Belgium has become a federal nation featuring a multitude of parliaments and governements with the different authorities. It's quite an interesting situation we live in.

Posted by: Matthias | Jan 3, 2005 5:35:50 PM

Actually, Flemish is kind of a dialect of Dutch.
Although Dutch is the official language, most people in Flanders speek flemish.

Posted by: gorik | Jan 3, 2005 6:11:32 AM

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