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October 10, 2004

Just NOT Married!


CKO is one of the smartest women I've ever met.

And what a great girlfriend.

Her problem is that she can't get her ADHD under control, so she goes from job to job answering the phone, and from man to man, without ever finding peace.

I mean, this girl was recruited by Microsoft while she was in college, and she couldn't even be bothered to fly out to Redmond - on their dime - to interview, 'cause she was busy with sorority stuff at the University of Georgia.

Did I mention that she's a dead ringer for Jenny McCarthy?

Well, she heard her biological clock ticking a couple years ago, so she decided to marry the next plausible guy who came along.

Big crash and burn, with him taking all her assets while she worked and he sat home, drank beer, and watched TV.

Me, I sit home, drink water, and blog.


Maybe I best move on quickly with the story, huh?

Anyway, marriage #2 was all lined up, invitations, guests, engagement ring big and bling-y.

She realized it was an instant replay of marriage #1 in the making, so she called it off.

But, since everyone was already in town... she had a "Just NOT Married" party.

Alas, of the many great pictures she sent me of the bash, the only one suitable for bookofjoe Version 2.0 is the one above.

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