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October 8, 2004

Limewire - the good and the bad


I like Limewire.

It's Mac-compatible, and equally important, it's a file-sharing program that I can use without any problem.

I tried several others last year and was completely befuddled before I happened on Limewire, and now I'm a very satisfied user.

Songs, pictures, movies, it's all there.

Sure, you have to throw out most of what you get, but hey, the price - 0 - is right.

But there's just one problem.

I just realized what it was.

Of course, others knew of this from the get-go, but here at Technodolt Headquarters, we take a while to figure these things out.

I was wondering why it was that for the past few days, it's been very aggravating to use my computer; it's almost as if I'm back on a dial-up modem instead of my wicked fast DSL line.

What gives?, wondered I.

Only five minutes ago did I solve the problem.

About an hour ago, I remembered that I opened up Limewire a few days ago and have been slowly downloading tons of stuff, running in the background.

So I simply stopped downloading stuff, figuring that would fix my computer problem.

I mean, it's logical that all the bandwidth was being taken up by movie bits, crowding out my bookofjoe bits.



Killing the downloads didn't change a thing.

Then I realized that as long as Limewire is on, even if I'm not actively downloading, my files are being shared.

I mean, that's how the thing works.

As Neil Young sang, "I give to you, and you give to me."

So I closed Limewire.

Bingo, I'm wicked fast again, pages snap right up and open.


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Wait, Downloading from Limewire isn't illegal, right?

Posted by: Silent Bob | Jun 28, 2007 3:15:09 AM

I have lime in my laptop and it is working great better than morpheus. firewall, antivirus and knowing the content type of file download is very important. a very good antivirus( i use mcafee)will detect virus and then again keep you finger cross. do not download anything with out antivirus or firewall.

Posted by: jose | Jun 15, 2007 7:25:48 PM

Limewire is both good and bad... Sure you get the music and files and whatever you want, but its not all good. when I got limewire, I thought it was really good. But i found out that even when I was running lime, that my internet connection didn't work. i had a five bar connection, but the internet wasnt working. Also i think that it installs all this adware crap and stuff so i am thankful that i have norton. It also makes your computer really slow, so i uninstalled it, ran a full system scan and there. It was fine. Get rid of Lime if you have it, or just say goodbye to your computer.

Posted by: Matt | May 13, 2007 8:23:03 PM

i deleted all my files on limewire how can i get them back?

Posted by: manpreet | Feb 17, 2007 4:29:18 PM

I got limewire Pro recently and have had no problems with it, although sometimes my connection only stays at starting connection, how do i fix this to turbo charge at all times? also, the box at the bottom of limewire keeps flashing, telling me theres an update however i need an e-mail address to update, does anybody have an e-mail address i could use please!

w/b soonish

Posted by: antony | Feb 2, 2007 9:09:44 AM

I absolutly love limewire! its done no wrong for me and ive had it for over a year, once and a while i might get a bad video but thats it! it slows down my pc but i just bought more memory for it so i have no problems with speed. And i have over a 1,000 songs lol. talk to me on msn at dolphinfan37@hotmail.com

Posted by: Zack Carey | Jan 21, 2007 2:52:26 AM

Just about every person here who has had problems with Limewire seems to have the computer knowledge of a goat and the common sense of... err I dunno, a politician.

Posted by: Chrisy | Dec 22, 2006 8:15:23 AM

I have limewire and have not had a problem. I have probably downloaded an estimated 20 or so songs and I have not had any slow connection to the internet what so ever. We have a brand new computer and I also have an iPod nano which I put my limewire songs onto. I have had no issues at all, and the funny thing is, im on dial-up and am using the free limewire. I will be getting broadband in a few weeks time and I don't think I will see a change with the progress of limewire.

Posted by: Viki | Nov 25, 2006 5:30:27 PM

my brother down loaded limewire on our bran new FAMILY mac computer when we told him NOT TOO. and so he did and he downloaded illegal porn and so many other stuff that is causeing our computer to get clogged with files and all these desktop items.

Posted by: Gina | Oct 29, 2006 9:46:08 AM

DO NOT DOWNLOAD LIMEWIRE!! It IS THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!! I had to pay over 200 bucks to repair my computer due to malware and spyware that was placed on my hard drive because of downloading from that awful program.. BEWARE OF THE EVIL LIMEWIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Kelley | Oct 27, 2006 1:20:45 AM

I've had limewire for over 2 years, I have never had a problem with the programme, or the files downloaded there-from. My ipod, however, has hiccuped a couple times since putting limewired files on it. Related? I don't know, but I get new ones for 'free', so it's no loss on my part at the moment.

Posted by: LostChilde | Sep 20, 2006 11:56:11 PM

lime wire f**k my comeputer up i hade it for like 1 yare and i did not know the bad stuff about it and like 1 yare later it screwed it so bad

Posted by: lirim | Sep 16, 2006 1:56:24 PM

My niece downloaded limeWire to my computer and said she was just downloading some tracks. She did not turn off upload and I have just received a $600 internet bill for uploads. as far as I can figure I have paid for the privelege of letting the whole world access and copy my personal files. Said child out of the will....

Posted by: Fiona Collins | Sep 14, 2006 8:49:41 PM

iv had limewire for almost a year now and i havnt had much problems

Posted by: minhaz | Sep 8, 2006 4:14:26 PM

my uncle went download limewire on the administrator account it works on his but when i go on mine its not there so i dont know help me out it says that it is there in my remove programs list

Posted by: keenan | Aug 18, 2006 3:44:09 PM

limewire is the best thing. its the best way to get music for my ipod. I LOVE LIMEWIRE

Posted by: samantha | Jun 11, 2006 2:51:02 PM

Hello.. i have the new MacBook and I just started using limewire for the 1st time ever. Is my computer safe from viruses if I have OSX? is it true that MACs never get viruses? What would the best way for me to protect my computer while still being able to download free music? Would grately appreciate any info you guys can give! Thanks!

Posted by: mel | Jun 7, 2006 6:49:40 AM

ok its like tis... used almost all d p2p limewire is d most dangerous 1 of al . i use p2ps for 2 yrs n wen i used limewire i got winfixer 2000 malware!!! it affects d restore pt n deletes it n gives adult adds! for heavens sake don use it! shareaza is d bst!... sometimes u mite experience slow internet connection, not its cuz of u'r settings! in u'r uploads settings reduce d max upload band width n u wud find u'r net connection back to its potential gain!... c mon man... p2p is free... b patient in it... n wait for u'r downloads!

happy p2p!

Posted by: tej | Jun 7, 2006 2:10:50 AM

Hah, Limewire isn't causing your malware problem, people. Just remember that Limewire does NOT include a virus scanner, so you can download malware through Limewire just like you can off the web.

Limewire also isn't illegal, and it doesn't automatically index your entire hard drive, only if you tell it to. Read the instructions. Sure, you can illegally download copyrighted materials with it, and you can share sensitive information, but that's your own fault.

But if you really want a good file sharing system, get Azureus or another torrent client. Torrents are far superior, allow finer control over upload/download, and allow you to download legal content from sites that can't afford a whle lot of bandwidth. I personally use it to download a lot of free, legal music from jamendo.com.

You can still have the same "why is my connection so slow" problem, of course -- it all depends on your settings.

Posted by: Tim McCormack | May 27, 2006 9:00:51 PM

limewire sucks. It shares files that you do not want others to see. Anything with credit card info, ANYTHING. If you have limewire, get rid of it. If you download it, your personal files are in jepordy. Your stock quotes. ANYTHING. A scam artist finds that info and BAM, someone has "taken" your credit card number. That someone just might have gotten it from limewire. Plus, limewire is illegal. You could get up to a $250,000 and or 20 years in jail.

Posted by: Brett | May 27, 2006 1:34:37 AM

I had limewire for the past month and had no problems and decided to put it on my other computer, my first computer started acting up and started to download stuff that I didn't even chose. The problem even got worst when it started to reopen limeware again even when it was still runing! I thought destroying limewire and java then renstalling it would solve the problem but it didn't! I already use adware and the other populer stuff with no results. Even my old 300 mhz pc is runing limewire with no problems at all and that thing is always on day and night wial it's sharing my stuff. I need help or I can't share stuff that will help other people who can't aford expenscive programs like XP Pro, Halo, Half life and some other stuff.
PC:Campaq XP Email: zackeryg64@yahoo.com

I don't want to format my disk!!! SoS!!

Posted by: Zack | May 22, 2006 2:14:25 AM

I got LimeWireBasic, and when I click to download a song it just says "Connecting" in the statusbar when it's usually downloading. Whats up?

Posted by: tawnbabe | May 19, 2006 3:07:44 PM

Is downloading files by Lime wire 4.10.9 free?

Posted by: Adil | May 17, 2006 11:57:28 PM

if you cant delete limewire go in manually. in the "run" screen type in "regedit". in file, look for the word find and type in limewire, delete the first file or app named limewire. then click f3. then delete all the limewire stuff until it says something like finished.

Posted by: justin | May 14, 2006 6:29:19 PM

Liem wire TOTALLY F***ED UP MY Campac Notebook in just under a week. It was fine the firt few days then BAM!!! It was so slow I was certain I had a virus or a ton of spyware. I had to phone compac and they made me do a non destructife recovery with a risk of losing fires on my comp but luckily i never and ever since my notebook has been running smooth and fast! (Lime Wire is no good).

Posted by: AlienDan | May 1, 2006 3:01:10 PM

I downloaded LimeWire Pro over a year ago and paid them the $20 fee or whatever it was and have had no problem. I'm running Mac OS X on a Powerbook G4.

Posted by: Komal | Apr 21, 2006 1:58:49 AM

Okay, I want to download Limewire... just like everyone else here. But I really don't know. Limewire says there's no Malware or Spyware or anything of the sort. BUT, they do want more people, so of course they're gonna say that. ((Common sense in the business world.))
Someone I know has had it for a year and hasn't gotten anything from it. No problems. So is Limewire okay if you only download songs? I'm hoping when I check back I'll have the answer!


Posted by: Melanie | Apr 19, 2006 4:26:50 PM


I just got back from Apple. My hadrdive on my Powerbook G4 needs to be replaced. I have never had any problems with my Mac for the past 2 years since it was purchsed. I downloaded Limewire 3 weeks ago, at first everything was great. All this free music and movies, I was in shareware heaven. Then I noticed that I tunes was having trouble loading, then it just would not load at all. Then programs started freezing, and I couldn't force quit. So I shut down my computer and tried to restart. The screen came up and kept sticking on a gray sceen with the little clock that spins. Took my laptop to the Mac store, they ran a few test....LIMEWIRE ATE MY HARDDRIVE!!!!!! It needs to be replaced and will take 10 days. This is a huge price to pay for a couple of free songs. BEWARE, Lime wire is the devil!!!!


Posted by: Geo | Apr 19, 2006 10:54:39 AM

I really want to download it because i can speak french and love french music and obviously im not going to buy the CDs from france. But my computer isnt even a year old yet (my last one crashed from i dont know what) and i dont want to risk getting a virus cuz the comp was $700 and uhh... im probably not going to get a new one for another good 3 or 4 years. My internet connection is high speed comcast but unsecured network cuz the connection comes from different computer in another room of the house... should i not download lime wire?

Posted by: Danielle | Apr 7, 2006 1:30:47 AM

it slows down my internet, so now i have to reinstall it everytime i need to download sutin, then unistall it wen i have it.......

Posted by: Greg | Mar 30, 2006 5:59:18 AM

I have very little problem with LimeWire, but the one problem I would like remedied is when I download movies: I was downloading Godfather 2, this is a very large movie, so I just clicked and left it to download, but when I returned from an outing, limewire was nowhere to be found, it closed; I had to click and start it again and pick up where it left off after it connected...again. As long as I am always on fiddling with it, it won't turn off, but as soon as I leave it be, to download, it shuts off and stops downloading. I have DSL and thought it would be simple...Help!!!! PS. E-mail me if you can help, because I wont check this site everyday.

Posted by: Justyn | Feb 27, 2006 5:52:43 PM

Using the internet without any protection is like trying to wash your feet with your socks on!! (pointless). Without a firewall and antivirus program you are open to every risk and attack there is on the net, cant go into deep here but go to http://www.techsupportforum.com/ go to the hjt help and follow the instruction there to post, you will get help soon. You need to get your pc cleaned up and soon, they will also advise you on more free software to keep the baddies away. Best of luck

Posted by: Mark | Feb 23, 2006 1:49:32 PM

I have had limewire for about a year and have not had internet protection for about 8 months of that year. My computer has been slower and had pop-ups every since I started using limewire. My wife recently found adult type files that we have never seen before. My wife also has limewire on her laptop but doesn't appear to have all the same problems. I was wondering if this is because I am using limewire with no protection and also how can I fix it. Please help me. Thank you

Posted by: Frank | Feb 23, 2006 11:53:59 AM

Andy, as stated in an earlier post most P2P programs are full of Malware. As a security analyst most of the HJT logs I receive carry baddies installed by programs downloaded from p2p apps. The safest bet (in my opinion) is to stay clear, unless you have some knowledge of removing the problems when they arrive. And yes viruses can be transfered to your pc using P2P.

Posted by: Mark | Feb 20, 2006 11:50:01 AM

I'm wondering about downloading limewire. But is it good or bad? I'm hoping to only download music files, but there are a few things that i worry about - can viruses be transfered to my pc?
And is limewire really as rubbish as everone tells me - i dont want my pc to go back to the stone age where it runs like it is made of stone ( i.e windows 3.1!)Can anyone help me? Many thanks!!!!

Posted by: Andy | Feb 17, 2006 6:13:44 PM

Every time I download Limewire....I end up with a virus & spyware. It takes days of fooling around before I can even get back on the net to find a cure. Currently using AVG anti virus and Adaware and still get infected and they sometimes can't cure it or find it. I uninstalled the Limewire program and tried deleting any kind of files from every directory & folder on my system incl regedit within the last couple of days of original download. WIN MX never gave me this problem. I used it for 5 yrs WITH NO PROBLEM...So Limewire has me disappointed. Does anyone know a better free version for downloads? If not, how abuot one that IS REALLY WORTH PAYING FOR?

Posted by: DIVA | Jan 28, 2006 2:39:21 AM

Limewire is my favourite tool for internet access at home. The only issue is that the uploads eat up a lot of the bandwiths for downloads and regular internet surfing.

Posted by: George | Jan 21, 2006 4:12:50 AM

Just buy the 19 dollar version of limewire and it doesn't install all the crap. Hey, nothing is free!! They have to eat too. Get off the 3 value meals and pay for the thing and you won't get all the adware.

Posted by: bud | Jan 14, 2006 7:56:12 AM



DO NOT DOWNLOAD LIMEWIRE (ps. i like using my casp lock

Posted by: jay | Jan 13, 2006 6:57:47 PM

I hav limewire.
I get most of my music from it and other stuff too.
But im confused. Is it good or bad? That is the question on everyones minds, am i right or am i right?
Well good luck on everything!!
Cya mwa!!
"evil peep"
P.S email me if you have the answer I would love to find out!! thx
P.P.S im having dinner now! hehehe

Posted by: Evil peep | Dec 23, 2005 9:05:03 PM

I already do not share. I went into options and changed the shut down to automatic. See if that works....will keep u posted
Thanks for your suggestion....Shawna

Posted by: heming | Dec 6, 2005 8:43:41 PM

there is a preference in limewire to turn off the sharing - files can come in but they can't go out. this will also make you a freeloader. you can also specify how much of your bandwidth is allowed to be used for uploading. you can also turn off the sharing of currently downloading files. you can also spec a different folder for downloads and uploads. if you put only a few crappy no-one-wants-these files in your "shared" folder, you can keep the channels open and safe, albeit somewhat disappointing. any of these twiddles will improve your regular bandwidth.

and, as mentioned above, your mac is safe from the windows crap

Posted by: zombiejesus | Dec 6, 2005 5:29:57 PM

I had the older version of limeware and it will not delete. It says I have a jar file that is corrupt and this will not delete either. I keep getting a popup saying the java file is corrupt and limeware keeps turning on even when I exit. Its driving me crazy. Any Suggestions?


Posted by: heming | Dec 6, 2005 11:23:03 AM




Posted by: raul andres | May 27, 2005 10:06:50 PM

I am not sure but i have 3 spyware programs and a virus program after i was on limewire i did a scan on one of my spyware programs and i had about 56 adware's and they were all called limewire i don't know if i should uninstall or not can anyone tell me thanks and i am on windows xp

Posted by: Dan | Mar 17, 2005 6:28:59 PM

I think Joe is using OSX on his iMac. If that's the case, then malware really isn't an issue. I use P2P software on my Powerbook from time to time and I've never had a single virus in all the years I've been running OSX. I've never had adware or spyware or any of the like either.

Limewire is good stuff, by the way.

Posted by: William F. House | Oct 8, 2004 11:21:34 PM

What you've described here is a common risk to using any P2P (file sharing) Apps. An added risk to using Limewire and many other P2P programs is the malware (adware & spyware & other bundled apps) they install on your system when you install the application on day 1. Shutting down the app will also not remove this software from your system. Uninstalling the app may also not remove such malware. You'll need a good anti-malware software to remove such items (adaware & spybot search & destroy are good ones to use -- and are free).

If you decide to use P2P apps again, pick a good malware free one like Shareaza, and protect your system with the usual AV & firewall, but also anti-spyware protection software (spyware guard, spyware blaster, spybot - immune option, etc).

Posted by: Tamara | Oct 8, 2004 10:56:27 PM

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