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October 12, 2004

London for $9 a night


Hey, I'd stay here.

It's the Japanese capsule-hotel concept, come to the Western world at long last.

Seems like it's time: we're generally a decade or so behind.

For $9 a night, you can get a room at the easyHotel in Kensington, near Hyde Park.

Unlike the Japanese version, guests can stand upright in their 90-square-foot cubicles.

Each comes with a bed, shower, toilet, and sink.

No phone, no TV, windows are optional.

The owner, easyGroup, plans to expand to Paris and Amsterdam and then the U.S.


I'll be first in line to try one out.

[via Wired magazine]

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Crazy. I always schedule my flights all around my transfer in London because I refuse to pay $50 - $100 a night for some shitty room. I'd happily pay $9 though.

Posted by: oso | Oct 13, 2004 3:53:28 AM

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