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October 15, 2004

ODT Map Company - look at the world in a different light


This superb website makes it possible.

A cornucopia of maps and map-related resources, including the superb population cartogram (that's map to you, civilian) above, which I just ordered.

I'm putting it in the place of honor on the wall right next to where I sit at this very femtosecond, so I can keep my perspective straight on who's out there and ripe for bookofjoe.

Forget about China for now; that firewall is too thick.

How about India, with 17% of the world's people, lots of whom read English?

Then there's Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country with 242 million people, rivaling the U.S.'s 295 million.

And what about Pakistan (162 million) and Bangladesh (144 million), each bigger than France and Germany combined?

Oh, yeah.

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