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October 26, 2004

Screw Pen


What's this?

A $24.95 device which looks like an ordinary pen, until you get up close and personal with the two ends.

Then you see a Phillips head on one and a slotted screwdriver head on the other.

But wait - there's more!

Slip off the nylon handle and a


secret ballpoint emerges from the Phillips head.

As the website puts it, "Q couldn't have done any better!"

But wait - there's even more!

This isn't any ordinary pen, no sirree Bob.

It's pressurized so it writes upside down, under water, on plastic or steel, and even through grease.

"It even writes down to 30° below zero, and lasts three times longer than lesser pens."

For $5 more, they'll throw in a handy fold-away knife.

Oh, yeah, a bookofjoe heads-up: make sure not to throw this in your briefcase if you're taking a plane trip, 'cause for sure you'll never make it through security without a sojourn in a secret, unmarked room.

[via redferret.net]

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