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October 16, 2004

Solo Traveler Plus Lid - World's most elegant disposable cup lid


I first encountered this beautiful piece of industrial design last week, at some gas station convenience store.

I was instantly fascinated, and spent a few minutes by the coffee area playing with one.

Very ingenious.

The device consists of two interlocked pieces of lightweight plastic.

The lid is securely reclosable because of its unique swiveling design that easily lets you shut the opening completely, over and over and over without weakening the feature since there's no hinge to break.

Bonus: the opening takes a straw perfectly, and then swivels just enough to close the opening perfectly around the circular straw profile.

I went to the Solo website, where I found that this great product made its debut in May, 2003.

I guess it takes a while for stuff to happen.

I mean, bookofjoe only began in April of 2003, and it still hasn't happened.

Has it?

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