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October 7, 2004



What's this?

It's a British website that takes spam messages, feeds them through a text-to-speech program, then sets the results atop a techno music track that you can listen to on your computer.

Some compare it to what you'd get if you combined Stephen Hawking and Moby to tell you you'd won the Costa Rican lottery.

From the website:

Spamradio is serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of each day to all who are hungry.

Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels we turn the junk mail that we receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet.

To listen to Spamradio, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and working ears.

I'm surprised they haven't yet adopted John Cage as their patron saint.


But they're still young, there's time.

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