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October 21, 2004

TV-B-Gone - Good news, bad news


The good news is that the device exists.

I want one yesterday.

It's a $14.99 keychain-size gadget that does only one thing: wirelessly turns off every TV in the room.

Every time I go to PromptCare for this or that test, I have to sit in that dreadful waiting room full of people hacking and coughing and trying to infect me with their resident microorganisms.

Adding insult to injury is having to listen to that damned TV blaring garbage into the room.


With my new TV-B-Gone, one silent, surreptitious button press, and I'm in heaven a.k.a. silence.

The bad news: I just went to the website to buy one, and it says "Available on this website next week."


Because that notice is dated October 14, 2004.

So today, and all this week, is "Next week."

But there's no TV-B-Gone for sale.

Dare I utter the dreaded V-word?


Just like the idiotstick book publishers whose newest offerings get rave reviews, but won't be published for a month or two.

The author writhes in pain reading the glowing encomiums, knowing that the prospective reader, who would've loved to have purchased the book today, will long since have moved on by the time it hits the stores.


TV-B-Gone was written up in this morning's Wall Street Journal, and thousands of people will go the website to buy one, only to have the same experience I just did.

Oh, well.

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