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October 23, 2004

World's best - and cheapest - drain opener: Zip-It


I learned of this wonderful device via Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools.

It's elegantly simple: a slender 20"-long piece of thin white plastic with sharp little barbs running up the sides.

After your sink or shower or tub starts draining slowly or not at all, and after [before, in my case, now] multiple applications of industrial-strength Liquid Plumber or Drano, you take this nifty little thing and simply push it down the drain to the hilt.

The inventor made the end you hold large enough not to slip down the drain.

Then you slowly pull the Zip-It out, trying not to barf when you see the horrible stuff that's draped all over the barbs.

"Eeewww," is what I said the first time I used it (quite successfully, I might add) to clear a recalcitrant drain.

If you've got a really weak stomach, you might want to ask a friend to do this for you.

In fact, it might be an excellent way to find out who your real friends are.

$2.69 here.

The instructions on the back of the packaging say "Throw away after each use," but I can't see why you'd necessarily have to do that: the thing looks tough enough to last forever.

I suppose they want to be off the hook - so to speak - if you cut yourself on one of the sharp barbs while cleaning it, and the wound subsequently gets infected, gangrenous, and you lose the extremity.

They can say, "Hey, we warned you not to do that."

And they can, for all the good it'll do 'em: the instructions do say, "DO NOT attempt to clean - sharp edges could cause injury."

Zip-It's also "Nontoxic and environmentally safe."

Made in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Guess for some reason they didn't see the need to farm this one out to the Third World.

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A couple words of advice, if you will.

Before the Zip-it, back when you spoke about "industrial strength Drano". I just wanted to make people aware that there are many non-caustic products that you can use very satisfactorily before thinking of a "Drano" type product.

Don't wait til it's clogged, use a little each week. Then if you get a clog, you can pull out the Zip-it.

Posted by: Ralph "drain cleaning services" Rooterman | May 11, 2009 1:25:38 AM

I must say that this site ships the product QUICKLY. I ordered my Zip-its a couple of days ago, and they were in the mail today. I really didn't have a problem with my drain, but I wanted to see if I had anything nasty trying to clog my drains, so I immediately went to work. I have traps over my drains, which must really work, because I was only able to bring out a few hairs in one sink, and nothing at all in the other. I don't know whether to feel disappointed that I couldn't get anything out or happy that my drains are clean. :-)

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 26, 2004 12:38:20 PM

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