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November 9, 2004

Computerized Coffee Mug


From the website:

Excalibur 467 Coffee Master - The Ultimate Coffee & Tea Guide

Everyone who enjoys coffee or tea will love Coffee Master!

Get 250 recipes for popular coffee-drinks from around the world, from American coffee to Irish coffee to cappuccino and coffee mocha.

And you'll love trying the 250 delicious desserts - complete with recipes - that go so well with that cup of coffee or tea after dinner.

Get tips on tea, from how to brew it to what teas go with what foods.

Find out about caffeine and your health.

Want to check out the best in coffee houses wherever you are ?

Just put in your zip code and Coffee Master will give you the locations and phone numbers of the ones nearest you!

Understand the differences between single-origin coffee and blended coffee and terms like aroma, acidity, body and flavor.

Find out which brewing methods are right for your tastes.

Learn where it all begins, with types of coffee beans ...as well as roasting and grinding tips.

[via ubergizmo.com]

$29.95. I'm not surprised it's back-ordered.

But what I want to know is, if I put in my ZIP code like it says, will it really show me the location and phone number of Greenberry's Coffee and Tea at the nearby Barracks Road Shopping Center here in Charlottesville, Virginia?

If so, this is one awesome product.

If only it could do email... you could lose your BlackBerry and just drink coffee all day.


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