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November 28, 2004



Airzooka blows a harmless ball of air toward anyone you aim it at.

Mess up someone's hair, irritate your office mates, hundreds of annoying uses.

No batteries, no electricity, no pain.

Operates by pulling and releasing a built-in air launcher (kind of like a slingshot, but no rock).

Features a pop-up cross-hair site for pinpoint accuracy.

$14.97 here.

[via Popgadget]

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What a 'blast' from the past!

I picked up one of these just to screw with my cats when they got near my plants and I was 'too busy' to get up and thwack them in the ears, telling them to move along.

It is a great device for animals. Doesn't hurt them, won't get any animal activists complaining like they do about shock collars (of which I relented and stated that they should only be used on small children), and is pretty fun. From a room away, it takes a few seconds for the narrowly focused burst to hit them. And then you see them jump and flip out looking for what just attacked. I ended up giving mine away for her dogs, my friend the 95lb woman with 110+ lb animals who don't pay any attention to her because they know they could eat her any day of the week. Actually does the trick.

And for my purposes, the operant conditioning has held. I can take a garbage sack that has been slightly inflated, give it a bit of a thump so it sounds about the same, and the fuzzies will *ALL* jump about two seconds later...actually a bit more pissed that they didn't get thwacked by the invisible attacker and stalk the house looking for it for about 20 minutes...giving me the evil eye the entire time.

Posted by: clifyt | Dec 14, 2007 10:24:25 AM

I bought an air zooka, to perhaps try to thwart the cosmic rays, and particulate matter, my neighbors/et al shoot a my personal space, through the walls, and porous construction materials, but the air jet, or force of the air zooka is very slight. It is a friendly, toy, peek-a-boo playful device.

Posted by: | Dec 14, 2007 9:01:50 AM

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