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November 19, 2004

Alexander McQueen - bookofjoe's 2004 Designer of the Year


The ballots have been counted (can you count to one?) and we have the final returns... the envelope please.


It's Alexander McQueen in a runaway victory, of landslide proportions.


Is there any other designer on the planet currently working in the space this inventive, original man inhabits?


I think not.


Adding to the amazement is frequently seeing Sophie Dahl, the former "big babe/plus size" superstar model, in his creations as his muse of sorts.

She attributes her new look to fitness guru David Marshall, inventor of the "banana diet."


Sure worked for her.

But really, it didn't matter if she got skinny or not: I mean, she was the Yves St. Laurent Opium girl, completely nude and in living, lush color until St. Laurent pulled the ad in response to protests about its provocative nature.

Probaby just a bunch of banana dieters jealous that Sophie, all plus size of her, could be a big-time model/sex symbol.


Because if that's possible, well then, it completely undermines and subverts the dominant paradigm, a la Lara Flynn Boyle/Calista Flockhart and their "Look at my tendons" approach to beauty.

It's good to be Roald Dahl's



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Indeed,Thank god ur not part of the country.

Posted by: | Jan 23, 2008 12:48:07 PM

he is a mad, brilliant, fluid designer.

Posted by: trish | Nov 30, 2004 1:37:51 PM

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