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November 10, 2004



It doesn't exist.

If you put it into Google, you get nothing.


I was just sitting here quietly minding my own business when I happened to glance at an ad for Crestor,


the cholesterol-lowering drug.

Why'd they choose that name? I wondered.

Maybe to take advantage of the goodwill accrued by


Crest toothpaste over the years.

So I had a look around for similar names.

There was Crestar Bank,


back in the 90s; it was swallowed by SunTrust, and is no more.

Its logo survives online but not in the real world.

Then there's Crestur, a Bolivian company that does I know not what; maybe you read Spanish well enough to figure it out.

If so, you have my blessing.

Maybe you speak Romanian too; there's a city named Crestur there.

Crestyr's not anything either, at least according to Google.


Which raises the question: if it's not on Google, does it exist?

Well, on the one hand, supposedly 99% of the internet is invisible to search engines, so you'd have to say "yes" on that basis.

On the other hand, if you don't know something's there, then for you it's not, is it?


So it doesn't exist.

I guess it all depends on what you think the meaning of "exists" - just like "is" [apologies to Mr. Bill] - is.

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