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November 8, 2004

Hey - your sweat smells like... ginseng?


It will if you wear Puma's new Active Cat workout wear.

Ellen Tien reported in yesterday's New York Times that the bike shorts, tank tops and T-shirts ($34-$70 for women's sizes, $49-$91 for men) are infused with a "bracing but not overpowering ginseng scent, intended to mask body odors while delivering aromatherapeutic benefits."


Ginseng is reputed to simultaneously calm and energize.

The gear comes in black or white and is made of a polyamide-Lycra blend that "breathes and wicks away moisture."

Puma says the fragrance should survive 30 washings.

It's available at the Shop at Equinox


in New York (212-780-9300/212-871-0475).

bookofjoe doesn't stop just because the Times feels they've covered a story.

I put my crack research team on this, and they found much, much more: turns out that Active Cat ginseng wear is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

From the company's press release earlier this year:

The Puma Bodywear collection consists of three segments:

• Daily - for everyday use

• Action - for performance

• Naughty - for nightlife

Daily features colorful Swarovski crystals.

Action is creatively scented with ginseng to improve performance and mask body odor. Key pieces include a sports bra with a built-in heart monitor.

Naughty is close-fitting and sexy. Perfect for lifestyle-oriented club wear.
Blurs the line between underwear and outerwear. Body conscious fit [in Japan, the term is "body con," which I just love].

Puma's designers must be taking acid or eating shrooms: since when did Swarovski crystals become part of the old 9 to 5?


Wolford better watch their


sinuous back, is all I have to say.


Except for the fact that people working out should smell of sweat and effort, not ginseng.

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