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November 16, 2004



"Living well is its own reward" are the first six words of the catchphrase of this New York City company.

I prefer the rest of the sentence: "Any relationship with a person or a root vegetable should have time to develop properly."

Donna Wingate and Mary Ellen Carroll are responsible for both this phrase and the company,

But what, asketh thou, is this company, and what does it do?

It's a road show that prepares gourmet meals anywhere you like.

Using portable hot plates, they've prepared crab cakes with aioli for a gathering of city planners atop the abandoned elevated railroad tracks in the meatpacking district.

They've made osso buco for villagers in Italy.

Recently, they served a six-course meal to engineers perched on the Goethals Bridge.

Give 'em a holler, and hey - don't forget to invite me... I mean, who brung ya?

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