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November 15, 2004



Forget the spork (half spoon/half fork).

The "cutting-edge" buffet utensil this holiday season is the Knork.


Knork, a fork that cuts like a knife, was invented by Mike Miller, a Wichita student frustrated at needing two utensils to eat pizza.

He devised a fork with curved tines just sharp enough to cut through most foods while not injuring the eater's mouth.

A finger platform provides cutting leverage.

Who nees a Knork?

How about you, the last time you went to some party and tried to cut a piece of meat while holding the plate in one hand along with a glass of merlot?

Miller says the Knork is also useful for people with arthritis, limited motor skills, or nursing mothers, who often try to eat with one hand.

Available from their website in both disposable ($4.49 for a 24-pack) and stainless steel ($6.49 apiece).


Assuming they actually do cut, I'm gonna give this product a coveted bookofjoe 2004 Design Award: no moving parts takes it to the head of the class.

And what a great, Three Stooges-style name "Knork" is.

Miller sure wasn't gonna call it a Fife.

Don't take my word for it: here's a testimonial, one of many on the website:

    Most mornings my youngest daughter eats frozen waffles for breakfast and they were always hard to cut up. Thanks to the Knorks that you gave me, she can now cut them herself easily. I thank you every morning for them. She also uses them to cut her meat that I used to have to cut, so it's great. You should be selling these like crazy. Thanks again. They have been very useful.

[via the Washington Post]

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I am very impressed with your product and will be buying 4-sets for each of our 7 children and their families for Christmas. After that purchase of $17.50 each, I was wondering if you sell wholesafe. My wife and I participate in craft shows, festivals and the like throughout the year and since the knork is so unique, I believe it would be a great marketable item. I have been in marketing, advertising, sales and public relations for the past 26 years and have now retired so I have plenty of time to devote to the Knork. I look forward to your response. All the best, Pierre Allen Hill

Posted by: Pierre Allen Hill | Sep 28, 2005 12:17:59 PM

I don't see anything new in the Knork....here's something really new. I have used them for years and no flatware can compare!

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