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November 2, 2004

Martin Sammtleben - Please welcome my new Iceland correspondent


Just yesterday, after protracted, sometimes difficult negotiations, his people and my people reached agreement on the terms of a contract which provides for bookofjoe being the exclusive source for all news emanating from Martin Sammtleben out of the great country of Iceland.

How can a country founded c. 850-875 by fierce Norsemen and the Irish and Scottish girls they abducted not be great? But I digress.

How, you ask, did Martin obtain his coveted position?

Well - as always - there are two sides to the story.

My version is, I decided that since he's the only Icelander who's ever emailed me, he was clearly the best person for the job.

So I gave it to him last night.

Being the modest sort of man he is, at first he said he wasn't qualified.


If he can fog a mirror with his breath, he's qualified.

Sorry, Martin.

But the bar just ain't that high.

Now to his first dispatch.

It came in last night, while I was sleeping.

This is another bookofjoe exclusive.

Man - what with the Toastabag yesterday, and now this, I feel like Clint Eastwood in


"Dirty Harry": what with all the excitement, I kind of lost track of where I was.

I digressed.

Now where was I?

Oh, yeah, Martin.

Martin reported - along with the photo evidence that leads this post - that a new volcanic eruption burst through the Vatnajökull glacier at 9:50 p.m. (Icelandic time) Sunday evening, October 31.

Being the thorough person he is, Martin furnished a


link to the website mapping the seismic activity.

Nice job, Martin.

To my readers: much as I'd like to share with you the details of Martin's contract, attorneys for both sides in the negotiations insisted they be kept confidential.

So if TheSmokingGun publishes the documents, hey - they didn't come from me.

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Hi Joe,
I discovered your site about 6 months ago so I am having the pleasure of not only reading it every day since then but also I am working my way through the archives. I am now up to November 2, 2004. This caught my eye because I was in New Delhi on Nov. 2, 2004 and planning to fly back to Austin, TX, where I live, via Toronto. The flight was nonstop from Delhi to Toronto and it was delayed for 1-1/2 days due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. No one hardly believes me but here is proof, kind of. I think the flight was so long that they couldn't take on enough fuel to deviate around the volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere. At that time it was the only airline flying between North America and India nonstop. Now American flies between Chicago and Delhi nonstop (I've done it) and Continental flies between Newark and Delhi nonstop. Your Austin reporter, Jerry Young

Posted by: | Jul 7, 2007 10:48:26 PM

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