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November 16, 2004

Paint your iBook


PaintedBytes.com will do it for you.

A tattoo shop for computers.

$139 and up, depending on what you want.


Suddenly, ColorWare's monochrome choices seem just plain dowdy.

[via engadget]

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Johnny -- this has to do with painted iBooks how?

Anywho, I've had my first generation iPod for a couple of years now, and nothings died yet. Its been perfect.

Of course, the battery life is lacking these days...I'm thinking of upgrading mine to one of those ones that double the play time of the first batteries...from friends that have done it themselves, they say it only takes a half hour to change out. For $40, you can't beat that...I've never expected my batteries to last forever -- they don't on my Dell Laptop I have open right next to my Powerbook. I'll probaby get rid of the machines before the batteries go...but then again, I upgrade laptops every 2 years...how often does one upgrade music players?

Posted by: clif | Nov 18, 2004 11:45:28 AM

I keep hearing from people that their iPod's die after a year. Either it's the battery or hard drive.

Wait till Eliott spitzer get's a hold of this.

Posted by: johnny deeper | Nov 18, 2004 8:56:17 AM

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