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November 24, 2004



This $240 device is a silent infrared camera you attach to a tree in the woods.

It's SilentCamo™ finish makes it blend in with the surroundings.

Motion-activated, it snaps time-stamped pictures in the dark of anything that strays in front of it.


The website says it "allows you to legally hunt all year, using the 'catch and release system,' and comes with everything you need to catch that hard to hunt trophy on film."

It's also suggested for use as a security device, for catching trespassers or poachers.

The current (November) issue of Wired magazine isn't as subtle: their story points out its main use: to help a hunter determine when likely prey are most apt to be in a given area.

No doubt the company marketing it believes that avoiding pointing out the device's primary function avoids triggering a PETA onslaught.


I dunno, I'm not a hunter, but this seems to tilt the playing field against deer just trying to find an evening snack.

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I have this type of photo hunter camera and have misplaced the operating instruction. I am having trouble setting it up. what should I do about getting new operating instruction.

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