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November 17, 2004


What's this?

Maybe it's something in the air or water here in little Charlottesville, Virginia, 'cause this quantum stuff is getting out of control.

I ran across Quantum-Therapies earlier today in an ad in my local alternative newspaper.

Wonder if they're new in town, or if it's simply my being totally out of it?

I mean, you've already got me flogging my tarted-up version


of what people far smarter than I can even imagine think about things quantum and suchlike, and now I find Nannette Morrison, L.M.T. has set up shop right here in Charlottesville as well.

She's probably a better bet.

I mean, consider that she's offering the following:

•Breathwork Therapy


•Vibrational Healing

•Massage Therapy (including Swedish, Tui Na, Aroma-Therapy, and BioMagnetics)

•Bio-Sonic Repatterning

•Past-Life Regression

•Herbal Body Wraps

•Quantum Healing

Me, all I have to offer is a $10.95 (list price, though in the spirit of full - but painful - disclosure, I must report that it's only $4.41 at amazon) flatpack of emergency toilet tissue masquerading as a book.

Nannette, on the other hand, has been a certified Rebirther for 20 years, as well as being a Teaching Reiki Master (Level 3).

She often combines the Edgar Cayce recommendations for use of massage, diet, nutrition, and castor oil packs with her own therapies.

In addition, she's written four books, all listed and sold on her website.

Me, I've only managed to write two.

And you can't even buy them on my website.

I mean, how do you spell loser?

Try J-o-e.

So really, I'd have to say that if it were my life in the balance, I'd definitely go with her instead of me.

But that's just me.

And you know how I can be.

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