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November 6, 2004

Saran Wrap Version 2.0 - updating an classic


This product has been around, more or less in its same, useful-yet-annoying form, forever.

Annoying because once you lose the end, well, game over.

You can spend the rest of the day trying to find the cut edge, then carefully get it so it unrolls properly.

I've thrown away more than a few rolls which drove me insane with failure and frustration at being unable to restore the original function.

For years I've suggested that an absolutely great invention would be making the cut edge change color on contact with air.

But no one's been clever enough to figure out how - yet.

In the meantime, S.C. Johnson has brought out Saran Wrap Version 2.0.

Hey, that's catchy, what?

Version 2.0.

Maybe I should consider that. But I digress.

I noticed something was different this morning when I went and got a new roll from my laundry/storage room.

Where was the sharp edge on the box?

Not there.

Did I have a collector's item, worth thousands, maybe millions of dollars on eBay?

Then I opened the box, and saw the roll was deformed.

It had ends sticking out beyond the Saran Wrap borders.

What's this?

Then I looked at the box, and saw this was a whole new Saran Wrap for the 21st century.

Inside the hollow roll is a cutter, sort of like a document trimmer.

You peel off the waxy paper backing and press the cutter against the box where it says.

Then you bring the Saran Wrap out and put it down over the cutter guide.

Slide the cutting edge across, from either direction, and voila, a nice piece of Saran Wrap.

Even more important: the next piece is easy to get at.


A bookofjoe Design Award 2004 winner.

It could be improved, however; the consumer shouldn't have to set up the cutter.

But I'm sure they'll solve this problem shortly.

Very well done.

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The new cutter was designed for people with three hands, but with some difficulty it is possible to move the cutter with one's chin or nose. I hate it!

Posted by: Paul | Feb 5, 2007 2:50:54 PM

We found a roll of the Saran original in our pantry today. Bring back the good old days. I can think of nothing good about the new product. We waste more film than we can successfully use. Film is a joke.

Posted by: Gene Maddox | Sep 2, 2005 12:06:37 AM

I do not like the new saran cutter nor the saran itself. It is difficult to pull off the roll, it is thinner and flimsy. And the slide cutter is a joke.

Posted by: sk | Mar 15, 2005 3:39:38 AM

What is really annoying is that they changed the formula to remove chlorine which means this is not Saran anymore. Plus it is now made in France. Rats, another good product ruined.

And, yes, the cutter thingy sucks. At least the old metal strip worked. Saran plastic had some real virtues but SG Johnston has ruined the product. I reccomend Glad Wrap as the next best substitute.

Posted by: Bill Minkel | Jan 30, 2005 12:35:54 AM

I also agree that the new design is troubling. It seems that Saran Wrap has been messing around with what I always considered a good design for some time now with so-called "new and improved" versions. However, none seem to stick as well as the original, and I always though that it was a lot easier to pull of a strip gracefully and evenly when the opening side of the box had a serrated strip along it. I guess maybe it was a matter of it being a 2-handed vs. 3-handed model, though I never thought of it like that. However, this new design, which seems to get the Saran Wrap caught in the cutter, as well as the kind that had the serrated sharp edge on the non-opening corner of the box (the area of the box you'd put your hand on and that would easily cut you) were both poor models.


Posted by: Nico | Jan 13, 2005 4:16:43 AM

I agree with M. Wright's comment.
This is basically a three handed design:
One hand to hold the box, One hand to tension
the wrap, and one hand to work the slide.

Dave S

Posted by: Dave S | Jan 12, 2005 6:43:43 PM

Having read comments by one who likes the box design change, I felt it necessary that you also hear from a family that feels the opposite.
As difficult as the original Saran Wrap was to work with, it was still better with the built in cutter on the box than the new slide design. The new design doesn't allow tension to be placed at the tear point. Also, the new wrap seems to lack the surface cling it had prior to the "upgrade" which makes it less affective in its'sealing capability. Please consider a return to the original design with possibly an improvement in the area of finding the roll starting edge.

M. Wright

Posted by: M. Wright | Dec 26, 2004 9:43:57 PM

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