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November 6, 2004

'The Good Thief'


I watched this on DVD last night.

Extremely entertaining.

Nick Nolte plays a heroin-addicted former master thief who, in a previous life, was a mathematician.

Then he decides to return to the game for one last big score: a trove of priceless French impressionist paintings at a Japanese-owned casino in Monte Carlo.

Yeah, you've heard it before, but is there really anything new under the sun?

I mean, two millennia ago in the Bible they said no, there wasn't, so how much can have changed since then?

Anyhow, the cast consists of a slew of superb character actors.

The romantic interest is Nutsa Kukhianidze (below).


She plays a teen-aged prostitute who falls for Nick's battered old character, even though Nick's young protégé is madly in love with her.

Neil Jordan ("The Crying Game") directed this 2002 film, which didn't do very well when it played in theaters.

Great, ironically dry and funny script.

As always, Paris looks wonderful, even the down-and-out parts, no doubt in large measure because of master cinematographer Chris Menges.

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I bet Nolte didn't require a lot of preparation for that role.

Posted by: the weave | Nov 6, 2004 9:26:05 PM

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