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November 6, 2004

We get email: 'Your blog... has changed my life'


I have only been aware of your blog for a few days now, but it has changed my life!!

I am hooked. I've spent the last few minutes looking up the violations of my utility district, and plan on getting a report on the quality of the water... why did I not think about this on my own?

I turned down a flu shot yesterday, citing your reasons, and was called a wimp. I don't want the flu, but I don't want to be hooked to a respirator either!

I'm rambling here... I need to get some sleep... I'm going out tomorrow to try and find one of those drain opening gadgets... should I try Lowe's?

Your newest fan :-)


Well, thank you, Lisa.

It's so nice to get one of these for a change; most of my emails are angry, mean, or accusatory.

I am too full of myself, a jerk, an idiot, a total moron, an egotistical megalomaniac, an elitist, et al.

And you know what?

They're all correct.

So what?

Who cares what anyone thinks?

I like that old Arab proverb, the one that goes,

"The dogs bark - but the caravan moves on."


And so, joeheads, we do move on, bag and baggage or, as Cicero would put it were he still among us, "Impedimentum impedimenti."

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I don't know who's saying all these mean things about you, but I for one check out your blog everyday and appreciate everything you find.--and things you find to say.--hey

Posted by: tom | Nov 6, 2004 9:25:09 PM

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