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December 7, 2004

LA to New York - In 4 minutes Flat


No, it's not the latest scramjet technology, souped up for near-lightspeed travel.

Rather, it's a trip you can make from the comfort of your very own chair and computer screen.

Lacquer, a French musician, used a video of a cross-country car trip to lend imagery to his song, "Behind."

You can watch it - and listen if you like - right here.

The movie was shot from a camera mounted behind the driver and facing directly forward.

It was made in real time over eight days and seven nights, then compressed to its final four minute video version.

The camera was never off for more than five minutes at a time.

Of note is the transit through Las Vegas, which is unmistakeable, and through the Rocky Mountains.

You see the car's convertible top raised and lowered several times when it rains, along with a stop at car wash.

The trip ends in New York's Times Square.

[via Lisa Napoli and the New York Times]

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BehindTheMedspeak: What happens when you find out your doctor's in the bottom half of the bell curve?


Guess what: half of the people on the planet are going to be faced with precisely this fact.

'Cause unlike in Lake Wobegon, in Lake Medbegone, half the doctors are indeed below average.

Atul Gawande, a surgeon who writes for the New Yorker, has given us his best work yet, an article in the December 6 issue of the magazine that explores exactly what happens when this dirty little secret gets out.

Hint: it's not pretty.

If the above link to the story doesn't work, try this one.

[via TB]

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Berluti shoes: pierced, tattooed and slit - for starters


Olga Berluti took over the shoe company founded in Paris in 1895 by her ancestor Allesandro Berluti.


She's brought the legendary shoes, known for their deep, burnished patina and stylishness, into the 21st century and perhaps beyond.


She's created shoes with piercings, tattoos, engravings from 18th-century manuscripts, scars and patches, all with the elegant look of time past.

Sold in the U.S. only at Barneys New York, Berluti's opening its first American store on Madison Avenue next spring.


If you don't feel like making the trip across the pond, not to worry: they've got stores in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Moscow, and Seoul.

I wear other-than-running shoes perhaps five days a year, so I don't have a whole lot of use for this exquisite footwear.


Still, they're awfully pretty....

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'Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag'


This new IMAX film opens Saturday, December 11 at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, out by Washington Dulles Airport.

I can't wait to see it.

I love IMAX films, especially when they're shown at the Smithsonian's IMAX theaters, the finest arenas for IMAX cinema on the planet.

I remember watching a movie about the Apollo Moon missions there: the sound was so awesome that the seats vibrated and the whole theater shook when the Saturn rocket lifted off.

Man, that's as close as I want to get to lighting that candle.

The new movie (trailer and clips here) should be just as intense: it's as close as you or I will ever get to experiencing speeds above Mach 1.

Bet people toss their cookies in the theater when the plane rolls.

Wait and see.

Wonder if they hand out barf bags along with the tickets....

Even if this movie's not your cup of tea, if you're ever in Washington, D.C. make sure you visit the Air and Space Museum and watch one of their other IMAX films: they've got ones about volcanoes, animals, the ocean, all manner of great subjects.

The clarity and richness of color of these movies, shot with immense cameras and lenses and special 70mm film, is not to be believed.

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Wanne-Be Hat


I'm buying the one pictured above.

Should be interesting when I go to pre-op my patients, what?

Many more here.

You choose one of twelve color/embroidery combinations, then select your "Wanna-Be" from a ton of choices of fields and professions and hobbies and what-not.

$21.95: not a bad price.

I'm surprised they don't offer "I Still Want To Be A Blogger" - maybe next year.

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Small is beautiful if you're going to be exquisite.

So writes Caroline Butler in the introduction to her website:

    Welcome to my website, atelierdebeauté.com – a luxury e‑boutique offering a cherry-picked selection of cult beauty products from around the world.

    As a French beauty editor I am constantly trying out new scents, spas and skincare products.

    I hope to share some of my personal discoveries with you.

    The range of beauty products on atelierdebeaute.com is small, but I hope, perfectly formed.

    It will be updated regularly.

    So whether you are looking for the cult perfumed oil that is flying off the shelves in LA, or want the buzz skincare oil that even the medical profession is raving about, you'll find it first on atelierdebeaute.com.

Sounds good to me.

Among the brands she carries is the French VRAI, whose Hair and Body Argan Oil (top), a super-moisturizing treatment for dry skin, hair and nails has developed an almost religious following.

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'Scientists Make Phone That Turns Into a Sunflower'


Headline of this morning's Reuters report that Dr. Kerry Kirwan (above) and his colleagues at the University of Warwick (England), along with materials company Pvaxx Research and Development, have created a cellphone cover made from a polymer that looks like any other plastic, but degrades into soil when discarded.

But here's the good part: they've placed a sunflower seed in the cover, so that when you toss the phone aside, the nitrates formed when the cover disintegrates will provide food for the seed to germinate into a beautiful sunflower.

"Let a hundred flowers bloom" may well be resurrected from the bad old days of Mao's China, as that country's booming cellphone industry creates a veritable Van Gogh's paradise.



• In 2002, China became the world's leader in cellphone users

• In 2003, cellphone users in China numbered 237 million, for the first time surpassing land-line users (231 million)

• By the end of this year, China will have 310 million cellphone users

• Only 10% of the Chinese population has access to cellphones at present, with that fraction expected to increase sharply in the next few years

• By the end of 2005, the number of cellphones in China will reach 380 million, about 40% of the world's total

• How things have changed: in 1984, the majority of the 400,000 residents of Wushan, a Yangtze River county, did not know what a telephone was

• In 1984 China was one of six countries in the world whose proportion of phones to every 100 people was less than 0.5%

"So the last shall be first, and the first last." [Matthew 20:1-16]

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Now here's an interesting website.

They've cloned the recipes for proprietary dishes and products of all sorts.

Click on "U-Z" on the TopSecretRecipe vault page, and voila: there are the tested, approximated recipes for

• Weight Watchers® Smart Ones Banana Muffins

• Wendy's® Chicken Caesar Pita

• Wendy's® Chili

• Wendy's® Classic Greek Pita

• Yohan Schimmel New York City Knish

• Yoo-hoo® Mix-ups

Wonder if they have a recipe for Twinkies?


I love Twinkies.

Wonder what fresh, home-made ones would taste like....

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