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December 21, 2004

bookofjoe a USA Today 'Hot Site'


I stumbled on this fact accidentally yesterday afternoon.

Hot Sites is a daily feature of the online version of USA Today.

It started in 1996 when their team of web trawlers started featuring three sites each day.

Yesterday it was me, and how nice it was to be featured.

They said things so nice I'd have blushed if I still had an ounce of shame left:


    Joe's blog would still stand out, with prose combining the elegance of a fine writer with the terrific content of someone who's actually got interesting things to say. Joe celebrates life's good small things, and we celebrate this blog.

I'm almost blushing. Almost.

Then there's reader Robin, who commented yesterday, "Thanks again for having The Best Page in The History of The Internet!"

Be still, my heart.

That's one fine Monday, by my reckoning.


As the spider said, looking at her feast-to-be writhing in the center of her web, "Let us prey."

[thanks to The Hot Sites team: Fr. Brian Cavanaugh (FBC), Shannon Gazze (SG), Angela Gunn (AG), Andrew Kantor (AK), Maiya Norton (MN), Karen Schubert (KS) and the Hot Sites support staff (HSS)]

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Miles is absolutely right. True dat.
As I personally like to say, at the end of the day, the best thing about this blog, bottom line, is its author.
I myself would hereby promise to go away, 24/7, and never darken the towels of this website again if that presence was just a little more in evidence. Quid pro quo, like.
Just sayin, is all.
Res ipsa loquitur and all that.
I mean, it's fairly unique here. Look, you get gadgets and medspeak and articles, MOS. Wunderbar!
So, with all due respect, like, quo vadis, author?
Not wanting to be the radix malorum here, just kinda pushing the envelope outside the box, as it were, if you will.
Me myself, I'm chock full of semper fidelis and stuff.
Oh hell, maybe I shouldn't of said that, but, this is the best place to be.
And now, I can haz cheezburger.

Posted by: Flautist | Nov 9, 2008 1:44:08 PM

There are more good ounces of things left in you than you'd care to admit. Deserving praise. I agree with it all.

Posted by: Milena | Nov 9, 2008 10:12:59 AM

Congrats on the "Hot Site" thing. It's well-deserved praise. And it's inconceivable that BookofJoe v.1 would have made a USA Today list, so that's an unexpected benefit of changing your approach to the content. Cheers, Malabar

Posted by: Malabar Jettison | Dec 21, 2004 1:06:55 PM

Hello Joe,
I meant it when I said it, about your site being The Best on The Net. For one, your site is interesting, something 99.99999% of the others will never be. The basic layout of it is something that should be modelled by others as an perfect example of simplicity, as opposed to being jam packed with annoying, distracting and irritating flash clutter. Your site has a calming effect on the individual browsing it. And, of course, has most likely spawned a stampede of wannabee imitators. The great this is, you were here first. And what a cool surprise, seeing my praise on your page. Have an excellent day, Joe, my co-workers will continue to share with others how great your page really is.

Robin, yes the same Robin, lol

Posted by: Robin | Dec 21, 2004 1:00:40 PM

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