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December 10, 2004

'Less is more' - What Mies van der Rohe and Sophie Dahl have in common


When the legendary architect [1886-1969] uttered his seminal words, Sophie Dahl hadn't yet been born.


In December 2004, she has demonstrated the power and truth of his famous epigram.

Because for years, Sophie was the "It Girl" of Yves Saint Laurent, dressed only in her birthday suit.

She was - as tennis analyst Mary Carillo referred to the Mary Pierces of the women's tennis tour, much to the dismay of the WTA - a "big babe."

But then she signed on for the Banana Diet.

And voila, she passed through the fun house mirror and emerged out the other side as a Winona Ryder-like waif.

But now that she's small, she's big.


Every day this week, she's been the sole occupant of a full-page ad for Saks Fifth Avenue in the New York Times.

Wednesday it was Dolce & Gabbana, yesterday Assouline.

There's no limit to what a girl can accomplish if she gets little.

As Richard Feynman observed, providing the jump-start for nanotech, "There's plenty of room at the bottom."


Though if her last name is Dahl that does help just a wee bit.

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