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December 2, 2004

Migo - 'Make any computer your own'


Great slogan, what?

Makes you feel like a pod from "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."

But it's all good, no hacking, no viruses, no stealing, no worms, no badness of any sort.

This very cool product is a flash drive with software that does an amazing thing.


You plug it into your PC's USB drive, and load it with whatever's important to you - your desktop, screensaver, all your email, the last 30 files you've used, your favorites, etc.

Then you unplug and put it in your pocket or purse.

You go anywhere in the world, walk into an internet cafe, slide your Migo into the USB port, and suddenly that PC looks just like the one you left at home.

You work, answer your email, unplug it, and there's absolutely no trace of you or your work on that PC.



This is so like something Apple would do.

Very, very cool.

They're aware of how "Apple" their invention is: they've already created an


iPod add-on.

Instead of lugging a computer around, you carry its essence, then simply plug into a drone whenever you need to do something.

Hey, the next thing you know, someone will invent something called fast food where, instead of having to buy ingredients and take them to a kitchen and use utensils and gas and electricity to prepare food, you just insert your car into a drive-thru lane and they hand you a meal all ready to eat.

Amazing what people can think of.

The 512MB Migo costs $155 at amazon.

[via Kevin Maney at USA Today]

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and, isn't a mi-go some lovecraftian horror which swaps your brain into a jar, and then wanders around in your body indefinitely?

Posted by: zombiejesus | Dec 3, 2004 4:12:54 PM

but, joe, i can _already_ traffic files around on my ipod, AND i can even set up my whole operating system on it and boot up someone else's mac with my ipod and "Make any computer my own." i don't need some new gizmo [which just seems like a glorified usb drive stick - which, i believe, already is capable of serving as a boot drive (might be mistaken on that last bit)].

Posted by: zombiejesus | Dec 3, 2004 4:06:38 PM

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