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December 18, 2004



"Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic."

Similar to nylon and polypropylene in toughness, except you can work and shape it.

You get a bag of plastic pellets and put them in 160° water: a phase change (hey, don't worry, it's not Chem 1, there'll be no quiz) occurs and the pellets become a soft and hand-moldable mass.

Bend it, shape it, any way you want it.

It cools down and hardens into a non-toxic, strong, durable, paintable, machine-able white plastic.

Don't like how it turned out?

Dunk it back in the hot pot and try again.

Great for making prototypes and just fooling around.

Bonus: they're giving away 35 gram bags as free samples (that's 1.25 ounces, for you non-metric types) for a limited time.

Sign up here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

$4.95 for shipping and handling, though.

I just ordered mine.

I'm very interested in seeing what kind of a nitebite I can make out of this stuff.

Can't hardly wait for mine to arrive.

[via Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools]

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I just got my first shipment from ShapeLock. The stuff is amazingly awesomely great, but it tastes HORRIBLE. I wouldn't use it for fangs or nitebites or anything remotely oral.

Posted by: David B. | Feb 16, 2005 11:20:39 PM

Umm... Are you going to put that stuff in your mouth?

What happens if it cools down prematurely in such a way that it gets stuck on your teeth?

Posted by: B. Waite | Dec 20, 2004 10:02:00 AM

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