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December 28, 2004

Surf's Up! - Snow Surfster


Kind of a cool concept: put an air cushion under a sled, then let 'er rip.

From the website:

    Air-Cushioned Thrill Ride Lets You Skim Over the Snow Like a Surfer Shooting The Curl!

    Our Snow Surfster puts a 6” cushion of air between you and hard-pack snow.

    So instead of digging in and rattling your teeth, Surfster glides over the snow with exhilarating speed and impressive smoothness.

    Durable Durantex [huh - and to think I thought they only were rock stars... just goes to show, you shouldn't assume anything... but I digress] outer shell won’t tear or wear.

    Tough webbing handles come with thickly padded knuckle guards.

    On the bottom, molded EVA runners give you edge control just by leaning.

    Inflates/deflates in seconds; rolls up into tidy 35”x 10” bundle when you’ve conquered the hill! 46” long.



Wonder how the speed and ride compare to the Reindeer and Hammerhead sleds featured here the past couple weeks....

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