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December 28, 2004

The Tao of Tea


It's a big subject, tea.

But it starts with a single cup.

And that cup starts with top-notch tea bag management, if you're dealing with your tea in a bag.

Hey, let's not be stuffy; everyone, every now and then, in restaurants that are often otherwise quite good, finds herself drinking tea made with a tea bag.

The first - and last - rule of tea bags: don't squeeze them.

I was much older than I had any right to be before I learned this fact.

That's what happens when your brought-up-si, as they say in Jamaica, is lacking.

But this is about tea, not me.

When you squeeze the last drops from your tea bag you destroy your tea, because the pressure forces out acids and tannins that were never meant to enter your cup.

Makes your tea harsh and bitter, like life used to be.

Never, never do that again.

So you won't need to buy the $4.95 device pictured up top, which is none other than a... tea bag squeezer.

From the website:

    This clever stainless steel accessory puts the squeeze on tea bag dilemmas.... Grab the bag with the 6.5" tongs, then squeeze the perforated handle using the comfortable thumb grip.


You will decline this offer, thank you very much.

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